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My retouching career began in 1988 when I was hired as a staff retoucher by an advertising agency in Burbank, California. Those beginning days were filled with detailed and intricate work with conventional airbrushing and illustrating. These projects were performed on a large scale as one-sheets and any ready-to-print art for production.


As we fast forward to 1993, the digital technology was proving to be a leading medium for high-end retouching. My conventional expertise and experience was a great asset to ease into the digital world of retouching. While many in the digital reproduction field have learned to use the computer software to manipulate and enhance images, my vast experience with the conventional style of photographic retouching allows me to use the digital advances to augment my abilities rather than to rely on technology to compensate for the lack of artistry. My Photoshop wizardry and expertise in illustration, design and production, enables me to have a greater eye for the over-all package; from start to finish.

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phone: 818 486 4526

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